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Does the early bird catch more than the
Could there be a brain circuit predispos

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We all have experienced stress in one form or another. Whether you are trying to finish an essay 5 minutes before the deadline, have overslept on the day of that really important early meeting or tried on everything in your wardrobe and still got nothing to wear, stres...

Those post-holiday blues are the worst. After building yourself up for months for the holiday of a lifetime, it flashes by in the blink of an eye and before you know it, you are back at your desk planning work for the week ahead. But from your fabulous adventure, you h...

Staying Motivated After Achieving a Goal

Ahhhh… there is no greater feeling than completing a huge task which has been taking over your life and destroying your soul for a long time. The satisfaction, the sense of accomplishment and, best of all, the relief. These are t...

I have never blogged before.

For those who know me; I am a talker. For those who don't, I am not just any talker. I am a 100+ words-a-minute, stream of consciousness, 'how did I end up talking about my granddad's dog doing his business on the living room rug to this imp...

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