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Does the early bird catch more than the
Could there be a brain circuit predispos

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The UK General Election is around the corner so in order to make some of the manifesto promises of each party more digestible (and sciencey), I used The Guardian's Policy summaries with a science twist! Just how would each political party run your brain? Scroll through...

A morning routine is a unique experience. While some naturally rise with the sun others hit snooze repeatedly; vowing to never stay up binging an entire Netflix series again. But whether you are an early or not-so-early bird, one action is pretty unanimous in the pre-w...

Have you ever felt so worried that you can’t eat a thing? Or stress-binged an entire packet of biscuits while revising for an exam? If you have experienced an emotionally-driven digestion dilemma, it will come as no shock to you that your brain and your gut are engaged...

Alzheimer’s disease - A term we hear more and more often in our ever-ageing population. The memory-stealing, personality-altering condition affects millions of people across the globe mainly in the later stages of life and although the condition is common, we still do...

Could a shortage of dividing cells in the brain be a feature of Alzheimer’s disease? Recent research indicates this could be the case.

Your body is a mega-mash up of many different cell types working away at their specific jobs to keep you alive and kicking. Some of the...

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